I. Contract, Rent & Deposit

How do I rent an apartment at Partio Living?

You fill in our self-disclosures form, compile all the documents and arrange a viewing appointment. This procedure is described in detail on our subpage “How to Rent.

Which documents do I need?

You will need our self-disclosure, a copy of your identity card or passport and a certificate of matriculation. We also need income certificates for the last three months – from you or your guarantor in the rental agreement.

What’s the deposit?

The deposit is three basic rents.

When do I get my deposit back?

We comply with the legal regulations and pay your deposit back at the latest 6 months after the deposit statement.

Why is there an admission fee?

At Partio Living you not only get a wonderful apartment in the best location. You can also use numerous facilities and services without a surcharge. Therefore there is a one-time admission fee of 350,00 Euro, which has to be paid before the beginning of the rental period. We also use this admission fee to set up the services!

Are there any extra costs?

No. The rent includes your furnished apartment or flat, the use of all facilities and all additional costs – such as internet, water, heat or garbage collection.

How do I pay?

You pay your monthly rent at the beginning of the month by direct debit from your account. You transfer the deposit and the admission fee to us after signing the tenancy agreement.

How long is the rental agreement?

The duration of the contract is 12 months. If this is too long for you, you can reduce your contract period to up to 6 months for an extra charge – in return, we reduce the admission fee!

Can I extend my contract?

Sure! If you do not cancel three months before the end of the contract, your contract will automatically be extended by 12 months.

Do I have to register as a resident in the city? 

If you are new in Munich, you have to register at the “Einwohnermeldeamt” (residents’ registration office). This is required by law in Germany. You will also receive a housing certificate from us.

II. Moving In, Furnishing & Moving Out

When can I move in?

Once we have your rental agreement, deposit and admission fee, you can plan your move. If your previous tenant moves out early, you can even move in before the official start of the rental period!

What do I need to bring?

Not so much at all! We recommend bed linen, dishes, toiletries and detergents.

Can I change furniture?

It is not possible to exchange furniture – because if you move out at any time, you will have to hand over the apartment in its original condition. Of course you can still bring additional furniture with you.

Can I hang pictures and paint walls?

You can hang up pictures. Structural or technical changes in the apartment (e.g. painting) are not possible – after all, the apartment must be handed over when you move out exactly as you took it over. Otherwise you have to pay for the renovation!

What about pets?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed. The only exception are small pets living in a cage.

Can I smoke at Partio Living?

Smoking is not allowed in the whole residence. However, you can smoke to your heart’s content in front of the building or at the “Smoker Points” in the garden.

How does the cancellation work?

Keep the notice period of three months and send us a written cancellation. Please also send us your ex-matriculation certificate if you have one.

What should I bear in mind when moving out?

You should make an appointment with the property management at the latest two weeks before moving out. Then you hand over your access chips and the property management prepares a handover protocol. Make sure that your apartment or flat is clean and that you remove all rubbish and personal belongings – otherwise we can deduct this from your deposit.

Can I move out before the end of the contract?

In certain cases this is possible. If we find an immediate new tenant, you are released from the contract with the beginning of the tenancy of the new tenant and do not have to pay any more remaining rents. For this we charge you a one-time fee of 300,00 Euro.

Do I get a “Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung”?

Sure! You will get your “Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung” (certificate of freedom from rent debts) by simply writing us a message under kontakt@partio-living.de and we will send you your certificate for the new landlord.

III. Living, Visits & More

Can I sublet my apartment/flat?

Subletting is only permitted in exceptional cases. For example, if you go abroad for a semester and then want to live in your apartment again. All subleases must explicitly be approved by us, so in such a case please contact us in good time. Subletting during the semester break is generally not possible.

Can friends visit me?

Of course! But please remember, that you are responsible for your visitors – so make sure they follow the house rules and don’t forget your neighbors! Occasional overnight stays are also possible.

What to do in case of damage in the apartment? 

Simply pull out your smartphone and describe the defect or damage in our app. Take a picture of the damage, send us your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In emergencies you can reach us under: +49 (0) 8151 / 550 7626 .

Are there washing machines and dryers?

Sure! The rental price includes the use of all facilities – including our Washing Lounge with WeWash. Download WeWash, book your machine and pay by app. More information about our facilities can be found here.

Is there a cleaning service?

Yes, we can arrange a cleaning service for you on request.

Is there a landline connection?

No. In times of smartphones and internet this is not really necessary anymore, is it? If you definitely need a landline connection, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Is there a TV connection?

Yes, at Partio Living we offer you a Vodafone TV connection.

Where can I put my bicycle?

You will find enough safe parking space for your bicycle in the basement of our student residence. There is also a separate e-bike charging station.

Can I use the facilities at any time?

Yes, the common rooms are available to you and all other flatmates at any time and without registration.

Can I get even faster Internet access?

Sure, you can book packages with faster WIFI for an extra charge.

How safe are the Partio Living apartments?

We secure our apartments with a security concept and 24/7 CCTV at the entrances and in the fitness lounge. In addition, our buildings have smoke detectors and are regularly checked. If you have any problems or questions, we are available around the clock. If, for example, you lose your access chip, you can simply call us and we will block the chip immediately.

What is your postal address?

Send us your mail at:

Partio Living Studentenapartments

Scharnitzstraße 2,

81377 Munich

How Do I Rent?

In Four Easy Steps!

1. Gather Documents

Download our self-disclosure. Download now. Fill it out, compile all necessary documents and send us everything by mail. You can find out which documents we need here. You will receive an answer within one week.

2. Arrange a Viewing Appointment

Ready for love at first sight? After we have received your documents, it is time for a viewing appointment. Just come by and have a close look at your apartment!

3. Sign the Rental Agreement

If you want the apartment, you get a rental contract. Sit down with your parents and read everything carefully. Then, send the signed PDF including all attachments back to us.

4. Lean Back and Relax

That’s it, your work is done now. Just lean back and we’ll send you the signed rental contract immediately. Welcome to Partio Living in Munich. We wish you a wonderful time!

We’re Looking Forward to Your Message!