How Do I Rent?

In Four Easy Steps!

1. Gather Documents

Download our self-disclosure. Download now. Fill it out, compile all necessary documents and send us everything via the Contact box down here at the bottom of the page. The necessary documents are mention in the Form which you just downloaded. Within a week you will receive an answer if all is suitable and you are eligible as tenant.

2. Arrange a Viewing Appointment

Ready for love at first sight? After we have received your documents, it is time for a viewing appointment. Just come by and have a close look at your apartment!

3. Sign the Rental Agreement

If you want the apartment, you get a rental contract. Sit down with your parents and read everything carefully. Then, send the signed PDF including all attachments back to us.

4. Lean Back and Relax

That’s it, your work is done now. Just lean back and we’ll send you the signed rental contract immediately. Welcome to Partio Living in Munich. We wish you a wonderful time!

We’re Looking Forward to Your Message!